Virgin Bhasskar

Virgin Bhasskar is the story of a 27 year old Bhaskar Tripathi. Even after being 27 years old, Bhaskar is a virgin and loves a girl named Vidhi Pandey, but Bhaskar and Vidhi’s lovestory fall on the bed. One day Bhaskar suddenly start writing adult stories. Gradually, his story starts to become popular, but due to this work, the relationship between Bhaskar and Vidhi breaks. Betrayed in love, Bhaskar Tripathi vows to break his virginity within 10 days, will Bhaskar be able to find his true love or remain a virgin for life.

Set amid the backdrop of Varanasi, Virgin Bhasskar takes you through the life of Bhasskar Tripathi, a popular erotic novelist, a virgin who weaves his stories more out of his imaginative skill than personal experience. His world is completed by his perverted friends Mishra and Rohan, notorious for their ogling and sexual escapades. What happens when Bhasskar finds the love of his life (Vidhi Pandey) and doesn’t reveal his ‘erotic novelist’ side to her? What does he do when he has a writer’s block? The coming of age story, modelled on the lines of Mastram, is a half-baked farce that doesn’t have any conviction about what it’s trying to say.

Virgin Bhasskar is a sex-comedy series starring Anant V Joshi, Dherendra Tiwari and Rutpanna Aishwarya. Bhaskar is a porn novelist but the irony of his life is that he is still a virgin. He falls in love with Vidhi, daughter of a police officer, and wants to lose his virginity only to her. 

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