The story of the ‘Unlock: the haunted’ app will revolve around the love triangle between Hina Khan, Aditi Arya, and Kushal and app that can grant you any deepest darkest wishes in just 3 task.

‘Unlock’ is a dark web series revolving around a murder mystery.

In the film, Hina plays the role of Suhani, while Kushal plays her love interest Amar. Besides Hina and Kushal, the film also stars Aditi Arya and Rishabh Sinha.

Directed by Debatma Mandal, ‘Unlock’ has been produced by Wind Horse Films and Krasnaya Corporation.

It’s an exciting premise that offers endless potential to generate mystery and thrill. But here the writers never go beyond scratching the surface.

The story of the show takes a turn, when Suhani realises that she is about to lose her love of life, Ammat to her roommate Riddhi. To make things right again, Suhani installs the app from the Deep web that can grant one of their wishes, after completing three tasks. After Suhani gives the app access to her contacts and detail, her relationship with Ammar actually progresses. The app is also Supernatural in nature.

A frightening hooded entity covered in devilish smoke start appearing in places where the app is being used. making sure the tasks are done right.

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