Tripling Season 2

Tripling Season 2 begins with Chandan having authored a book – also named Tripling – drawing material from the misadventures of the first road trip and personal issues of his siblings. Chitwan, now settled in a plush home in Delhi playing daddy to a toddler who is not his own kin, staying true to his character’s laidback ways is least offended by the prose. Chanchal, now a politician, though is furious for her life being dissected in her brother’s fiction. Making matters worse it is now being adapted for the big screen.

In Tripling Season 2 Once again it is a crisis in Chancal’s life, involving her husband, Pranav (Kuna Roy Kapur), that necessiates a trip this time in a rented car (move over Tiago, Drivezy is here). Two and a half years later since the first season not much has changed: Chandan is still easily irritable around Chitwan who continues to live in the moment with Chanchal filling the anxious one slot. Instead of running away this time there’s an unending search.

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