Topless is a action,drama Tamil web series.It is directed by Dinesh Mohan.

Guru Somasundaram, Bazak Gaziler Prasad, Gokul Anand and Rohit Murlidharan are in the lead role.

Topless is the story of about two dozen men and one British woman, whose lives intersect at a colonial-era painting.

Helena Wellesley, the British woman, is looking for her grandfather’s painting to restore his legacy. Kalki and his men are looking for the same painting to protect his ‘kudumba maanam’ (family honour). Thrown in for good measure are a band of thieves; a drug-smuggling, money-laundering gangster; his disrespected twin; a double-crossing broker; you get the gist — a motley bunch of characters written exclusively for their quirks.

The one thing that makes Topless work is that it’s through and through absurdist: There is no meaning, morality, purpose, or even order in its universe. Absolutely no character seems to know what’s going on, each improvising so terribly as they go along. There is also little by way of human emotion that brings any of them together. The fact that they all appear to be fundamentally nitwits helps the cause.

A gang led by a determined con man, a politician whose father is on a wheel-chair with paralyses and a foreign national are all after a painting. How these various worlds of the characters intertwine with each other is what the series is all about?

Topless begins haphazardly. It takes time to settle in the narrative and get into the groove. The multiple tracks and introduction to various characters and all look so derivate and confusing initially. There is also a persisting problem with the overall tone, as well. The jump from comedy to serious and back is a bit iffy.

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