Single Committed Married

Single Committed Married . Each story depicts a separate phase of the relationship. This portrays the bonding, love, nok-jhoks, understanding and ups and downs in a relationship in the most realistic manner. Also, the way this web series captures the mind, feelings, and desires of this new generation of youth is quite praiseworthy. Moreover, the impactful dialogues and scenes make you feel and relate to the characters.

In a relationship, commitment is a big word which calls for your responsibility. So, it’s not just something to put on your social media staus for show off.

What’s Your Status has some of the best performances we have seen, with the cream of the crop being Abhay Mahajan as the married man who is struggling to find time for his wife. The first two episodes are out, and Naveen Polishetty shines in whatever he’s given. We are sure Manjot Singh, who became a household name with the Fukrey franchise, will evolve his character with a smashing performance as the show progresses.

The female cast also gives great support creates great characters. Plabitha Borthakur, Anisha Victor and Megha Burman give great support and make this series Single Committed Married is one of the most watchable now .

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