Shaadi Fit

Shaadi Fit Reality series in which 4 young couples are put through an intensive journey to turn into the best shape of their lives physically, mentally and emotionally for their wedding day.

There are a lot of compromises and sacrifices that one needs to make for a successful marriage. And sometimes dating and love are just not enough to see a couple through everything. MX player highlights all it takes to make the perfect marriage and raises all the right questions in their upcoming show Shaadi Fit.

Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect from the show that will make you think – am I really ready for marriage?

Filled with excitement, emotions and a thirst to prove themselves and their partner, MX Original series takes you on an eye-opening, rollercoaster ride of 4 young couples and their journey of becoming ‘fit’ for marriage. Expert advice combined with trust and honesty will show us which one of these couples will become the ultimate ‘Fit’ couple.  Catch the trailer of ‘Shaadi Fit’ on 11th November to see what it takes to become a ‘Shaadi Fit’ couple!

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