‘Kasak’ is the story about a girl, who was violently attacked and raped because of which she was in a semi-comatose for the rest of her life.

Kasak, being an important web series for ULLU Entertainment, had to have a cast that already had left a mark in the minds of the audience through their previous works. The characters of the show had a bigger role to play as they had to put across actual emotions. The show is set around a very serious and sensitive matter.

The actors thus have to portray some very real emotions across to the audience. The actors who are a part of include Ihana Dhillion, Minissha Lamba, Vineet Raina, Priya Marathe, Reema Worah, Puja Mukherjee, Sonia Birje, Sanjay Gurbaxani and Gargi Patel.

The trailer begins with the story of a nurse, Sheetal (Ihana Dhillon). Her sympathetic nature touches the lives of many. She is in love with a doctor (Vineet Raina) and he wants to marry her.

She manages to find out that hospital is cheating the patients and making them pay for medicines without giving them a receipt and then asking for more.

They decide to take a brutal step to keep Sheetal away from exposing them. Her friend (Minissha Lamba) doesn’t want her to suffer like this and appeals to the court for mercy killing. The story deals with high intensity emotions and pain.

This web series kasak is the story of a wonderful nurse who finds out about the hospital cheating the patients. Prior to this her life was complete bliss, the perfect job and a wonderful fiancée. She turns into a lifeless figure, yet alive on a hospital bed. Her friend struggles to put her out of her misery and appeals to court for euthanasia.

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