Kannamoochi is an IndianTamil languagehorrorweb series directed by Avinaash Hariharan and produced by Happy Unicorn and TrendLoud Production House.

It is Tamil original thriller series starring Poorna, Vivek Prasanna, Amzath Khan, and Aaradhya.

In her search for Aishu, Priya learns about a shocking incident that occurred in the house in the past.

Priya with her deaf and dumb daughter Aishu, relocate to Chennai from Bangalore for a new life in a dilapidated apartment. Priya’s daughter Aishu disappears in a procession. Priya needs to resolve the mystery behind the brutal murder which happened twenty years ago to get her daughter back.

A young single-mother, Priya, moves to a multi-storied apartment complex in the outskirts of Chennai with her daughter, Aishu. Even to adopt desperate means to find her daughter. Whether she saves Aishu and how she gets there is what makes the rest of Kannamoochi (Hide and Seek), Zee5’s new Tamil web series.

At the outset, Kannamoochi had the potential to be an interesting thriller. Poorna, who plays the mother, adequately brings maternal anxieties and fears alive on screen. Add to it the unfamiliarity and unkindness of a new city, there was enough to tell an engrossing tale.

The thriller parts have no mystery. The protagonist and her allies don’t pick up pieces, follow a trail, or chase real-world clues about the present-day crime. They just run around town screaming, “Aishooo… Aishooo…”, grasping at straws solving another crime that happened several years ago. They expect us to believe that obsessing about past crime is the only way to solve the present one.

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