Javed Jaffrey dubs MXPlayers’ Only for Singles

Only for Singles Featuring Vivaan Shah, Pooja Banerjee, Aman Uppal, Deepti Sati, Shirin Sewani and Gulshan Nain in the lead roles. Only For Singles is an Indian drama series created by MX Player. The first episode of the show introduces all the six individuals and briefs about their lives. Watch Only For Singles online to enjoy this fun show. Ranjeeta after leaving her father’s home joins in to live with her tenants. After her arrival, Appu gets extremely insecure about Mickey and Harman and Rani mistakenly make the new single, Riyaz feels unwelcomed. What will happen next? Watch Only For Singles all episodes to find out.

The story revolves around six single individual. And their friendship, struggles and jugaads in a new city. It is a downtown drama which gives the essence of leading life as a single.

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