Iru Dhuruvam

In Iru Dhuruvam, a nine-part mini-series based on serial killings in the city of Chennai, the killer carves the number ‘6’ on the bark of a tree where a victim is tied up and ready to face his wrath. 

The ‘6’ we learn is a reference to the sixth verse in the ‘Thirukkural’ and these references to the literary masterpiece act as the ‘signatures’ the killer leaves at his various murder scenes. It is also pertinent here that it was in the sixth episode that this story really started catching speed and also catching my interest!

In Iru Dhuruvam Victor Selladurai (the terrific Nandaa) is a disgraced cop, who has to deal with wild accusations in his professional circles of being responsible for killing his own wife (Geetha played by Abhirami Venkatachalam). The fact is that his wife has been missing for a few months now and Victor is torn by this trauma. 

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