Humorously Yours 2

Humorously Yours 2 in chemistry between Vipul Goyal and Rasika Dugal speaks a lot about the latter’s craft, and you wish you got to see more of her.

The first season of TVF original Humorously Yours 2 took us through the life of a struggling stand-up comic. It showcased the struggle of comedian Vipul Goyal to register that one breakthrough performance. Meanwhile, his domestic problems with wife Kavya (Rasika Duggal) made us believe that it’s not all fun for funny people in reality. Though not as ‘humorous’ as the title promised, the fictitious account of Vipul’s life was an interesting watch for those who, like me, were intrigued to know the story behind well timed stand-up routines.

But, with the second season of Humorously Yours, which comes at a time when stand-up comics are tickling our funny bone more often than ever, it’s difficult to be as invested in Vipul’s story.

The second season begins with Vipul as a well-established stand-up comic, juggling between his shows and keeping up with the masquerade of being his own manager Ranjit Walia. ‘Long Live Ranjit Walia’ is a decent start to the show. It brings laughter in parts.

The second episode ‘Weekend’, which touches upon the problem of sale of tickets, pulling the crowd to the auditorium and keeping up with one’s popularity, also runs at a similar pace.

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