GANDII BAAT – Season 4

Gandii Baat – Season 4 is back with a new titillating season to spice up your life. Kusum, a soon-to-be-bride, is terrified about having sex and seeks help from her mother and friend Roopa. Will Kusum ever overcome her fears and enjoy intimacy. Get ready to enjoy this Meetha Meetha…Pyara Pyara story starring Mridula Mahajan and Aditya Singh Rajput.

GANDII BAAT – Season 4 is The story of a married couple and their neighbour (Anant Joshi). The husband Namvar (Rohit Choudhury) catches his wife Gunja (Neetha Shetty) in bed with their neighbour. Initially, he abuses and even threatens them with a gun seemingly very upset. But finally, he decides to join in forcing a threesome.

Technology brings not only convenience and comfort, but it also brings a promise of extreme pleasure to Rajendra (Rajesh Tripathi). His wife, son, and daughter-in-law find it difficult to handle Rajendra’s thirst for something more. The age-old traditional boundaries are crossed, and new ones are created in their place.

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