Flip is a series of four short stories, each, telling the tale of one or many occurrences that cause a complete 180 degree turn around in the people, situations or perspectives inhabiting that tale.

Flip is a Four stories disparate in tone and theme come together in the anthology show, the filmmaker and a vague air of suspense being the only thread that weaves them together (Nambiar is the creator and has also directed three of four episodes). There’s a strong cast, some interesting narrative techniques and engaging stories, but nothing stands out. The promised twists for each storyline aren’t as shocking as the creators would have you believe.

The pick of the lot is Massage, the third episode, which starts out as a charming love story, acquires a surrealist touch and then takes a tragi-comic turn. Jim Sarbh is in good form as Keke, a Parsi man whose best friend sends him for a “happy ending” massage in lieu of a pre-wedding bachelor party. The trip to the spa takes a bizarre turn as Keke finds himself in a 20-year-coma and wakes up to a drastically different reality.

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