Auction is an adult web-series. This web series is the story of huge rackets of selling girls. In the trailer, it has been shown how the agents seduce girls and bring her to the businesswomen who do auctions and do the selling of many girls. Whatever girls buyers like, they have to stay at home with their boss and fulfill all their requirements.

Among all the buyers, there is a buyer named Ran (Vijhay Badlaani), who is a rich NRI, and he is the mastermind behind massive dealing with girls. The problem comes when the rich buyer buys a little girl for a high price, but all the other girls oppose him. The second problem occurs when the daughter of a woman who sells girls dies.

It is the imminent web series Auction is also touted and regarded as hot and erotic types of the web series because this is something already being shown and at the first look poster of the same, followed by at the teaser and at the theatrical trailer video also the main climax and concept of the story is being displayed and shown anyway.

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