15 August | On 29 March | Netflix

It’s 15 August, the Independence Day. And the residents of Gandhi Chawl are gearing up for their annual flag hoisting ceremony. A mishap in a Mumbai building disrupts a young couple’s love story as residents work to help a little boy.

In one story a little kid’s hand stuck in a hole in the middle of the courtyard. The very hole the residents intended to use to prop up their flag pole. For the tricolour hoist on 15 August. This becomes the great common tragedy of the day, as almost every resident helps free the little fellow. The other is a love story between two youngsters in the chawl. The girl, Jui, has to choose between her first love Raju – a resident of the chawl. And a struggling artist, and parents’ choice Amit. The good NRI boy who is due to visit them the same day.

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